A movie that's waiting to be written




A movie that's waiting to be written

Background & Audience

Tourism & Events Queensland wanted to increase consideration of The Whitsundays amongst ‘social fun seekers’; digitally savvy consumers that socialise substantially online.


The Whitsundays was losing its cachet as an aspirational holiday location.


Shift perceptions and re-build the Whitsundays' social currency as a world-class destination.


We knew movies rated high on the list of our target’s interests and, with incredible beaches, seaplanes, yachts and glamorous locations, the Whitsundays is the perfect setting for a movie.

So we invited Australians to write it:

The Whitsundays.A movie that’s waiting to be written.

We enlisted world-renowned screenwriter Craig Pearce as Script Supervisor. Then for 20 days we posted a daily storyboard image on Facebook and Instagram, inviting the public to write scenes for a chance to win a $10,000 luxury holiday.

The campaign launched with a trailer, radio and online advertising.

We reacted to the storyline as it developed, selecting and treating images according to the previous winning scene.

Each scene written and shared became a compelling “ad” for the Whitsundays.

Together, a Hollywood screenwriter and the Australian public had created the world’s first crowd-sourced movie storyboard and a story universe with millions of possible permutations.


A 60 second promotional movie trailer played on TV, online as pre rolls and via Facebook, to promote the movie that was waiting to be written to our movie-loving target audience, and encourage them to enter.